Committing to self-transformation

The last few weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about the “life-cycle” of the soul.  Think back to who you were 10 years ago: it’s likely that you were struggling with different issues, had different friendships or relationships, and thought about life in a less mature way than you do now. ... Read more

Learning to let go

As in nature, yogis believe that there is an ebb and flow to everything: a constant cycle of growth and expansion, followed by death and surrender or release.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of surrender, of letting go.   There is a concept in yoga called aparigraha, which... Read more

Finished! 7 days later, feeling clean and happy … well, except for that chocolate cupcake!

Hi all, Well, I’ve done it: I finished my 7-day Purify Cleanse yesterday and I’m happy to report that I’m feeling pretty darn amazing.  Well, except for that chocolate cupcake I had last night (hey, give me a break, I threw a dinner party and resisted all the other non-cleanse-worthy foods …... Read more

Hello, health! Check out my yummy cleanse recipes…

I’ve just added a bunch of new recipes to this site, specifically targeted toward those of you who are cleansing!  These are tried-and-true recipes that I’ve used and enjoyed while detoxing.  They include: -  Quinoa with dried figs - Breakfast quinoa with berries - Swiss chard and broccoli saute -... Read more

Day 2 of Purify cleanse

Well, Day 2 has come and gone — and I have to say that I’m feeling weirdly wonderful on this Zrii Purify cleanse! In fact, I’m really excited to report that I actually enjoy taking the fiber beverage  (and I’ve never said that before about ANY fiber I’ve taken, so that’s a... Read more