Day 2 of Purify cleanse

Well, Day 2 has come and gone — and I have to say that I’m feeling weirdly wonderful on this Zrii Purify cleanse!

In fact, I’m really excited to report that I actually enjoy taking the fiber beverage  (and I’ve never said that before about ANY fiber I’ve taken, so that’s a relief).  I mix my fiber powder with the detox oil, mix the whole thing with water and take it down in a few big gulps before it starts to thicken up.  The citrus flavor of Purify’s fiber and oil is heads and shoulders above any other cleanse I’ve ever used.    And it’s easier on my stomach, even while keeping me full for hours.  I’m thinking about trying to take the fiber daily even after I finish the cleanse.  Has anyone else thought of doing that?

I will say that I’ve noticed three important things about how I eat when I cleanse: 

1.  I eat pretty healthy most days (my friends joke that my fridge is full of nuts and berries) … but every time I do a cleanse it reminds me that I can always, always be eating more veggies!!  Normally my grocery cart is full of fresh produce at the grocery store, but every time I do a cleanse, my cart is filled to the brim with fresh fruits and veggies. 

2.  I eat a wider variety of fruits and veggies during a cleanse than I normally do, and that’s a good thing: incorporating more variety means that I’m getting a wider array of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients than I otherwise would be.

3.  I eat fresh meals more often than I do when I’m not cleansing.  Normally, I cook 2-3 times per week — and my husband and I eat the leftovers from those meals the rest of the time.  We also sometimes buy prepared salads and soups for lunch, mostly out of convenience and the lack of time I have for cooking (I wish I had the time to cook every day!).  On the cleanse, hoewver, I’m buying only fresh fruits and veggies and am avoiding prepared foods because they contain ingredients that I won’t eat while cleansing.  As a result, I end up cooking most of my meals at home, and eating the entire thing the same day.  This is both hard and wonderful: hard because it means that I either have to be at home a lot to cook, have to prepare my meals ahead of time, or have to think ahead about what I’m going to eat when I’m not at home; and wonderful because eating freshly cooked foods tastes so much better than eating leftovers and/or prepared foods!!  The bottom line is this: fresh is better for you, and fresh tastes better anyway.

My diet was essentially the same as yesterday (tomorrow I’ll change it up with new and different veggies/recipes, like an arugula salad with slivered almonds and lemon; sliced avocado; and sauteed spinach). 

I made a few minor changes to my diet today:

- I added in some quinoa (after cooking the quinoa, I mix in dried figs, olive oil, a couple squirts of Braag liquid aminos, and 1 tsp. of Grade B organic maple syrup … I’ll post that recipe later).

- I also eliminated the veggie pesto and replaced it with straight-up balsamic vinegar.

Got in a 1-hour hike and will do some stretching and restorative yoga poses before bed.  I’ve been trying to read for 15 minutes for going to sleep lately, and I find that it really helps me get to sleep quicker when I do.   I’d also ideally like to go to bed before 10pm … we’ll see if I can manage that sometime in the next few nights.

In terms of symptoms, I’m feeling a bit more fatigued today, but I’m not sure if that’s due to the cleanse itself or the fact that I worked for 13 hours straight!  Which brings up a good point: I really do recommend doing the cleanse during a light work week … working long, hard hours is definitely not conducive to helping the body rest and restore itself.  My goal tomorrow is to work a more reasonable number of hours!!  And take the rest of the time to relax, rest, and rejuvenate. 

Goodnight dear readers!  Check back in over the next few days to get more updates on the cleanse.


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