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Day 2 of Purify cleanse

Well, Day 2 has come and gone — and I have to say that I’m feeling weirdly wonderful on this Zrii Purify cleanse! In fact, I’m really excited to report that I actually enjoy taking the fiber beverage  (and I’ve never said that before about ANY fiber I’ve taken, so that’s a...
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Want to know what a cleanse is really like? Read this.

Well, today I started a new cleanse.   I’ve cleansed several times before, so this isn’t anything new to me, but it always amuses me to see the reactions I get when I tell people I’m on a detox.  I alternately get reactions ranging from horror (“Why would you do that...
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5 yoga poses to do every day

Hi all, Most of you know that I am a yoga teacher.  But what many of you don’t know is that yoga literally changed my life: it altered the course of my career, it transformed my body and my diet, and it made me a happier and more fulfilled person.  As a result...
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