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5 food substitutions for a healthy diet

Hi all, I’ve had a lot of people asking me for nutritional advice lately, so I thought I’d write a quick post on 5 food substitutions you should be making right now to start eating healthier.  These suggestions are a super easy way to implement — simply change your shopping list and...
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Don’t stuff yourself silly, silly!

Sorry for the long hiatus!  But I’ve been doing a week of traveling to see family on the east coast and I had less computer time than I originally thought.  The good news is that I came back refreshed and excited to get back into the swing of posting to...
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From CNN Health: The ‘heart attack proof’ diet

Hi all, There was a fascinating article posted to CNN Health earlier this week on the ‘heart attack proof’ diet (full article here:  Now, health psychologists know that there is no way to guarantee against a heart attack.  But there is some pretty convincing evidence that the American diet,...
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