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Want to know what a cleanse is really like? Read this.

Well, today I started a new cleanse.   I’ve cleansed several times before, so this isn’t anything new to me, but it always amuses me to see the reactions I get when I tell people I’m on a detox.  I alternately get reactions ranging from horror (“Why would you do that...
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New recipe: Green beans with farro and shallots

Hi all, I cooked this recipe for my husband last night and we both swooned over it.  You simply must check it out.  Serve it as a side dish alongside a healthy main course, like grilled fish or chicken, or eat it as a light lunch or snack. Find it here: ...
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Laughter really may be the best medicine! The amazing health benefits of humor.

    You’ve heard it before …. laughter is the best medicine.  But did you know that incorporating humor into your everyday life has powerful beneficial effects on your long-term health??  Seriously!  As if you needed an excuse to let off some steam and laugh every day.  Far Side Cartoon,...
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New Recipe: Spaghetti Squash with Pomodoro Sauce

Hi all, I’m posting a new recipe today!!  Yummy spaghetti squash with a flavorful, piping hot pomodoro sauce is the perfect way to celebrate the cool, early fall weather. Check it out on the Recipe page, and enjoy! Kate  ...
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